“Limited Workmanship Warranty Certificate”


In addition to any separate warranty that may be extended by manufacturers materials used on your job, Suretop Roofing and Renovation warranty’s the repair of any leak by defective workmanship of their work for a period of 2 years from the date of the work being completed.  Suretop prides itself in providing a quality product mutually agreed to.  Simply said:  “We are a company of our word and we will be back should there be any workmanship issues without question to ensure satisfaction.”



This Workmanship Warranty will not be applicable to defects from some of the following examples:

*Poor insulation where excessive heat loss builds ice dams

*Improper snow removal from the roof causing damage

*Improper drainage

* Excessive walking or unusual wear to shingle face

*Other renovations which may have caused loosening of flashings, chimneys, ventilation systems and

 skylights to name a few.

*Acts of nature

 *Lastly, Suretop will not be responsible for blown off shingles if application is done from November 01 to March 15th the following year if installation (craftsmanship) done per specifications or exceeding specifications.

Suretop Roofing and Renovation will not be held liable for any manufacturer defect in roofing materials used.

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This warranty applies to work Completed according to written bill.

Date work completed_____________________







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